Brain Pump is a group exercise class, targeting children 4-12 years of age.  Brain Pump combines traditional therapy and exercise concepts with the latest cutting edge research on movement and the brain.  

Educational Consulting Services

NKS provides educational consulting services, teacher training and public speaking engagements on how to incorporate purposeful movement into classsroom/physical education settings. Professional development can include anything from a one hour conference/presentation or keynote speech to a six hour workshop for teachers and administrators in a school, school system, or specific teaching field. Click the "Contact Us" link below to request more information or to schedule a consultation.

This package ($40.00 including free shipping) contains 22 cards illustrating different neuromotor exercises and a description of  how to perform each exercise.  The cards are printed on  high quality PVC plastic with rounded edges for durability and versatility.  These exercises are designed to train the vestibular system, proprioception, core strength, primitive reflex integration, crossing midline, or a combination of different  areas.  The Neuromotor Activity Guide that accompanies the exercise cards contains a variety of fun games and activities that incorporate the basic exercises. The games and activities are designed for individuals and pairs, small groups, and large groups that are suitable for the classroom,physical education, before/after school programs, or having fun at home. Classroom management tips and suggestions for integrating academics are included. 

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