A Coordinated Body is an Organized Brain


NKS is the synthesis of  professional interests between a Physical Therapist and a Kinesiology Professor who both were concerned about the growing prevalence of children with coordination and processing disorders/issues as well as a cultural shift in the way children move and play. We see NKS as being a solution to these problems in 2 different ways: 1) Tiffany and Erin are both passionate about educating teachers, parents and administrators on the correlation between movement and learning. We feel strongly that if parents and educators really understand the science behind early movement and play, education will adapt to better incorporate more purposeful movement into schools. 2) Tiffany & Erin are also the co-founders of Brain Pump, a children’s group exercise class with a strong neurological component, that combines normal gross motor activity with therapeutic concepts that can positively affect attention, coordination and learning.

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The session by NKS was great. So much info that I have never heard. The best conference session I’ve been to in years!

Mega Conference, July 2017

NKS provided an informative workshop full of info that so many educators, parents and therapists need to hear and put into practice.  Loved the practical examples/activities to use immediately! 

Project Launch, May 2017

Brain Pump is the only physical/athletic thing my child has asked to do.  He loves it and can't wait for the next class!

Brain Pump Parent

Brain Pump is so unique , I've never seen anything like it.  I love the physical and mental benefits and my daughter simply thinks it's awesome!

Brain Pump Parent