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NKS is the synthesis of professional interests between a Physical Therapist and a Kinesiology Professor who both were concerned about the growing prevalence of children with coordination and processing disorders/issues as well as a cultural shift in the way children move and play. We see NKS as being a solution to these problems in 2 different ways: 1) Tiffany and Erin are both passionate about educating teachers, parents and administrators on the correlation between movement and learning. We feel strongly that if parents and educators really understand the science behind early movement and play, education will adapt to better incorporate more purposeful movement into schools. 2) Tiffany & Erin are also the co-founders of Brain Pump, a children’s group exercise class with a strong neurological component, that combines normal gross motor activity with therapeutic concepts that can positively affect attention, coordination and learning.


Dr. Erin Reilly is a professor in the Kinesiology Department at Auburn University Montgomery.  She has over 30 years of teaching experience at the K-12 and university level.  Currently she teaches Methods of Teaching Physical Education classes to future teachers, Psychology of Coaching, Sociology of Sport, and dance and martial arts classes. She received her PhD from the University of Kansas and earned a certificate from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Mind, Brain, and Education Institute.  She has over 30 publications and over 80 conference presentations. She is the co-founder/ co-owner of NKS and Brain Pump.



Tiffany received her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama-Birmingham after graduating from Auburn University-Montgomery with a degree in Psychology. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Montana.   Tiffany has nearly 25  years of clinical experience, having been licensed as a PT since 1997. Her experience predominantly involves outpatient orthopedics with a special interest in manual therapy for spinal dysfunction. Tiffany has practiced as a pelvic pain specialist for approximately the last 20 years and has also taught continuing education courses on pelvic pain in women. She also regularly treats pre-school / grade school age children to help address attention and learning disabilities. She is the co-owner of Neurokinectic Solutions and co-founder of Brain Pump. Tiffany owned Body Logic PT for 6 years and is now a Partner/Director of Therapy South Montgomery.  She has presented at numerous educational conferences on movement and the brain along with Dr Erin Reilly. Tiffany lives in Montgomery with her husband, Keith, and their three children. 

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